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Frequently asked questions

Wellness coaching is where we take a look at health and well-being on a much deeper level, as to how we feel and live each day.

We examine not only the food we eat and movement we do, but other factors too! These include things like our relationship with ourselves and others, how our mental and emotional state affects our health and what truly motivates us to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

We go beyond physical appearance or numbers on the scale by understanding how nutrition, stress management, sleep quality, relationships, mindset and other factors affect our wellbeing.

The Wellness Primer provides a holistic approach with mind health, diet, movement and lifestyle so that you can realign balance back into your life and reach your desired health goals.

 With The Wellness Primer app, build sustainable healthy habits such as relationships with food, stress, sleep quality, water intake, exercise and recovery regimen, mindset, relationships, and more.

 With flexible programs and 1.1 personalised coaching also available for extra support, you are guaranteed that you can make long lasting changes towards improved vitality and mood, greater energy levels,
and increased overall wellness.

The Wellness Primer coaching services provide diligent support and accountability, trust and transparency, a safe space to help you overcome your health challenges, and get you to where you want to go! Whether it is diet, exercise, mindset, weight loss naturally, energy and fatique, everything mentioned or perhaps something else in particular, get in touch for a chat and see how best personalised coaching services align with accomplishing your health goals.

Once your wellness program is confirmed, you will get instantly set up on the Wellness Primer app, where you will have chat messaging with your coach to book your first coaching session.

You can start your assigned program instantly, food diary, habit and activity tracking and more. Each week you will also have different activities, videos
and resources as you progress throughout the program.

 Throughout your 1.1 coaching, we discuss your current health challenges and any obstacles holding you back. Sometimes we do not even know what is holding us back until we tap deeper into the subconscious mind and uncover the underlining limited beliefs holding us back from our full potential. With TWP coaching, we overcome and eliminate any mental blockages holding you back from your goals and create your mindset for success! Your breakthrough is the most powerful way to begin your transformation for long term results.

 We take a holistic approach to your health to see what works for you individually. As a trained wellness coach and licensed NLP practitioner, we take a look at your health and well-being on a much deeper level, as to how we feel and live each day.

With a strong emphasis on mindset and your relationship with yourself, The Wellness Primer is created to take a full 360 integrative approach and examine not only the food you eat and movement you do, but other factors too! These include things like how your individual mental and emotional state affects your health, uncovering what obstacles are holding you back in life, and what truly motivates YOU to live a happier and healthier lifestyle for maximum, long lasting results.

Yes. We offer self paced programs too with weekly workouts, daily habit building, food journal and more. You can get started on the Wellness Primer app straight away with your assigned program.

Depending on which program you choose, you have a selection of 1.1 coaching or self paced programs on TWP app.

All programs include app access with weekly exercises, materials and added resources to help you reach your health goals! Weekly Q&A support is also available.

1.1 coaching includes extra support with added benefits such as regular coaching and check ins, holistic healthy eating guide and meal plans + more. Get in touch for more details!

Simply pick your program, add to cart and that's it! You will receive an email to get started.

Choose from self paced to 1.1 programs. If you do not see what you are looking for in regards to your health goals, or are ensure - drop a message as we can personalise certain requirements.

Once you sign up to your assigned program and log into your personal app account - you will be provided with a selection of resources: weekly workouts, macros tracker, habit tracking, food journal, weekly materials, weekly Q&A support + more.

You can also connect your Fitbit, iPhone health or MyFitnessPal for added personalised experience.

Customer centricity is a very important value to TWP. For all physical products, there is a 14 day hassle free returns.

Customer centricity is a very important value to TWP. For all digital wellness program products, we offer a 7 day hassle free returns.

We ship worldwide. For all digital products, get instant download.

UAE: Get next day delivery on all Wellness Planners. Suppliers may vary for other products, please note fast delivery is prioritised.

International: Please allow 3-5 working days. Although fast delivery is priority, supplier times may vary. For apparel and depending on warehouse location, shipping time may take 7-14 days.

Digital: Instant access on digital items.

Customer centricity is a very important value to TWP. For all digital products, we offer a 14 day hassle free returns.

With coaching programs, there is a 14 day hassle free returns.

For all physical products, there is a 14 day money back guarantee.

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