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5 Top Tips Before Starting Your Workout Program

Ready to kickstart your fitness journey? 💪💥 We've got your back with our top tips to start working out! Whether you're a beginner or just need to get back into the swing of things, we've got 5 key things to know before starting your training to a healthier, fitter you! 🙌 

1. Environment is everything

Find a gym you like, that you will stick to your workout program. If you don't like your gym, it will be harder to go regularly and keep on track. Environment really is everything so make sure that you are comfortable in your environment. It will make a big difference to your sessions and mindset.


2. Get specific with your goals

Think to yourself before you start your training program: what is my outcome here? How much weight do I want to lose (exact numbers), what areas of my body do I want to tone up? How do I want to look and feel each day?

Get specific with your end goals before even starting. Find a way to monitor your progress and check back in with yourself every 2 weeks. 


3. Plan meals

Diet is key. What will you eat each day? If you are training hard, make sure you are giving your body the right fuel for proper recovery and of course, to build and maintain the healthy body you desire. Stick to nourishing foods, made up fresh and try to avoid processed foods as much as possibly.


4. Have an accountability buddy

We are human and it's only natural that our motivation levels will fluctuate from time to time. Whether it's a friend, spouse or health professional, make sure it is a reliable accountability buddy you can trust that will check in with you when needs be.


5. Trust the process!

Find the right exercise regime that works for you. What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you, we are all individually unique. Be patient with your results and trust the process.


Most importantly, have fun with your workouts!



Wear the right attire

Comfort is key! Wear suitable clothing that you can workout and feel comfortable in. It goes a long way as to how you feel during your session.

The right footwear tailored to your training is also important. For example, Nike Metcons are my preferred choice for weight training, whereas Asics runner shoes are more suitable for cardio.


Want to get started today?

The Wellness Primer provides a holistic approach to mind health, diet, movement and lifestyle all on a holistic wellness coaching app, with flexible programs so that you can realign balance back into your life and reach your desired health goals.

If you need any support or guidance, get in touch or start training straight away with the Wellness Primer 6 week fitness program.


Wishing you all the success on your wellness journey,