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the wellness primer

The Wellness Primer 10:10 Morning Technique

"Priming" - the technique in which The Wellness Primer name originates from.  'Priming' is the act of adjusting your thoughts and emotions to train your mind to live life in a peak state (positive, happy, and peaceful).

Thus, the Wellness Primer's mission is priming holistic healthy living, and a worldwide community to greater health and happiness - to reach your peak state with optimal health in life.

The Wellness Primer 10:10 morning technique

10 minute of priming:

1. Sitting in a comfy position, (can light a candle too for nice setting) start breathing in and out nice and slow, big inhale and very slow exhale, relaxing you body. (2-3 minutes)

2. Practice gratitude. Think of 3 things you are grateful for and really feel it. Sit into each thought for 30-60 seconds. (3 minutes total)

3. Goal visualisation. While now relaxed, ENVISION your goals. What is it you want to achieve today?

Imagine that you already have it accomplished, in detail. Try to visual as clear as you can.

With this, you can start doing affirmations, maybe write a few down that you have them or say what comes to mind in the moment. (2-3 minutes)


10 minute of exercise

After this, go outside into the fresh air and start moving. By moving, you change your body’s state in an instant.

You can do any sort of movement you like and it’s only for 10 minutes so highly doable and even go for longer if you like. Whether it’s walking or a jog, just get moving. This gets the endorphins going and with your goals freshly envisioned, body moving and fresh air, you will feel great and gain even more confidence to hit your goals.

Try this every morning for a month and watch see your productivity on your goals improve significantly. Furthermore you will feel great, gain better clarity on your vision and what you really want to achieve. With envisioning it happen to turn into reality, your results will take shape in no time! 😊

Wishing you all the success on your wellness journey,